Our adventure began in 2018. The day we found this property was love at first sight for both of us.

The size of the property, the vegetation, the bucolic setting, the little house, although in need of renovation, but with a lot of charm. It was an obvious choice for us, as our first gîte will be opening soon.

We feel so at home here. The peace and quiet, the birdsong, the wind blowing through the trees – in short, nature in all its splendour.

2021 was a year of creation!

The construction of our Tiny House. Self-build from A to Z. Seven months of hard work, questions, doubts and, in the end, the pride of having dared to take the plunge, without much thought in fact, for this unusual home, straight out of our heads.

And as those around us often tell us, “You never stop”, in 2023, the Kota will open.

With our thirst for creation and our heads full of ideas, who knows what the years to come will bring?

Our philosophy

“A small house with flowers, a little;

Solitude, a little silence, a blue sky,

The song of a bird that lands on the roof,

And what need is there for anything else? “


Excerpt from Contemplations 1856, L’âme en fleur

Victor Hugo

The nature and calm that reign in this place bring us serenity and total disconnection.

There’s no need to go far from home to break your routine.

For us, eco-tourism, discovering our local environment and promoting local tourism are essential.

The peace we feel in this haven of peace reminds us that respect for nature is essential.

That’s why we’re working hard to put in place a range of eco-responsible initiatives, including selective sorting, composting, rainwater harvesting for watering, dry toilets in our tiny house, LED lighting, water-saving devices, outdoor solar lighting, eco-friendly household products…

Our partners