The state-owned forest of Montfort-sur-Risle

Nature ++ 

20 min by car


Natural heritage. In the north-west of the Eure department, in the Risle valley, visit an unusual forest dominated by conifers. With its high biodiversity, it’s the ideal place for the whole family to enjoy a breath of fresh air. The Montfort forest is a precious bubble of nature. The forest is as diverse as it is unusual. You’ll come across Scots pine, sessile or pedunculate oak, beech, etc. A variety of flora and fauna thrive here: wild boar, hares, dragonflies, amphibians, etc. The Montfort state forest is the smallest (2,077 hectares), the most undulating and the most “Vosges” of Normandy’s state forests. There are several hiking trails through the Montfort state forest.

Lists of hikes in Monfort-sur-Risle :